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Diagnose, behandeling en bronnen voor patiënten en verzorgers

Having a pacemaker is a safe, low-risk and effective operation - with no upper age limit - and I'm confident it could improve the lives of many people.

Dr Klaus Witte

Consultant Cardiologist, Leeds General Infirmary

Heart Failure

The phrase "heart failure" refers to a complex set of symptoms and physical findings (or syndrome) caused by a failure of the heart to meet the needs of the body. Heart failure can occur at any age and has many causes.

Heart failure is treated in several ways. The aims of treatment are to slow the progression of the condition, reduce hospitalisation, improve survival and reduce symptoms in order to improve quality of life. It is important to emphasise the important role of the patient's carers. Carers can really improve the patient's life.

Keep in mind that only a doctor can determine the right treatment options for each patient. As with any condition, early detection and working closely with a doctor are keys to the successful long-term management of heart failure.

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